Friday, September 08, 2006

Oregon State Winners!

I received results and won six ribbons at the State Fair - three 2nd place reds, and three 3rd place whites. No 1st Places, darn it! And, the one item that DID win first at my county fair didn't place at all, the lovely Ribbon Weave Tote. Oh well, that just means the competition is stiff in the Felted Bag category in Oregon.

My wearables are the SnB Unseamly Sweater made in a Blue Silk Tweed for 2nd Place in Women's Sweaters, the Spider Shrug made in Medium Pink Flash cotton for 2nd Place in Ponchos/Shrugs, and Chanson En Crochet made with Tangerine King Tut cotton for 3rd Place in Crochet Other.

My first amigurimi that we call Shelley the Snail made from simply soft took 3rd for Crochet Animal, my own design of Watermelon Cell Phone holder took a 3rd in Felted Other, and MOST EXCITING, my Freeform Purse in Creams/White won 2nd in Crochet Original Design.

Overall, I'm very excited and looking forward to next year!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the ribbons!! Fantastic!!


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