Saturday, August 12, 2006

Preparing for State Fair

Nothing exciting to report. I'm hard at work finishing two exchange items (they just need mailing), and redoing some items I'm submitting to the State Fair. I said I'd enter a Spider Shrug, so now I have to make one! This morning, I only had one sleeve to go and frogged the whole thing because my gauge was off - it was huge! So, I had to pick up a little more of the second choice yarn. Pictures soon.

On My Hook for August:

-Spider Shrug in Medium Pink Flash: just finishing the sleeves, cuffs and collar
-Unseamly Sweater from SnB: blue silkey tweed, need to finish sleeves by Tuesday
-Freeform Purse: shades of white/cream, to finish by Tuesday
-The Butterfly Shawl CAL has started without me
-Have the yarn and pattern for the Crystal Lace Bolero CAL

Wish me luck - I'm gonna need it!!
Happy hooking!

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