Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tigard Knitting Guild Shop Hop

I had such a wonderful time with the local k***ting Guild on their Shop Hop this weekend! I ended up on the bus as a stand-by. It cost $40, which I wasn't too sure about but I really wanted to go. What a deal! They chartered a huge bus and 55 yarn addicts were all on-board. I had put together a tote to take with water, a project, etc.. Well, the Guild bought great zippered totes for everyone with clear pockets around, stuffed with goodies - bottle of water, pens/pencil, kleenex, lotions, wool wash samples, yarn bobbins, yarn samples, a KALIEDESCOPE to see color combinations, fruit snacks and a CRO-HOOK and pattern, plus lots more and tons of COUPONS. Then, we visited six different local yarn stores where they offered 15% to 25% off of our entire purchase for the day, plus we get another discount day this summer! THEN, on the bus they had donated raffle prizes, enough for everyone -- yarns, books, gift certificates. I was laying rather low as a crocheter in disguise ... my raffle prize was a “Knitting Out of Africa” book which I really didn’t want since it was not only knit, but complicated knitting! The very next prize was a complete set of Clover Crochet Hooks in a cute holder. As soon as the name was announced, I piped up, “Trade?!?” The winning gal a few rows back and I chatted. She didn’t want my book either ... the next shop had samples made up from the Knitting Out of Africa book, and I heard someone say they wanted that book. I found out what she had won (Knitted Socks book), but my Clover gal didn’t want that .. .she wanted one of the first books raffled off but that woman didn’t want her hooks. So, when all was said and done, after a complicated four-way trade, I am the proud owner of some marvelous Clover Bamboo Crochet Hooks! Yeah me!! Plus, the yarn I bought ... summery cottons, cool bamboo, a hand-painted worsted for my first trial at knitting, fun ribbon for DD dress. Good thing my birthday is near, but no new presents for me!! LOL!! Pictures will be posted soon --- our digital camera cord is missing so we have to use professional (aka fred meyer) services.

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